Being a sole owner of a $35 Million construction firm creates numerous challenges for me as a leader and for me as an individual. About 7 or so years ago, I had or so years ago, I had the privilege of getting to know Spencer Horn when listening to one of his presentations. I was taken back by the insight and ease he conveyed his message in describing and providing solutions real life situations to real life situations and the ability to drill down and really get to the underlying issue at hand.

Since that time, we have engaged Spencer specifically to support our team. During these years he has led us through intensive leadership development workshops and individual executive coaching along with one time situations that might arise. He has led company-wide retreats where the message needs to be geared towards office staff along with field staff and has been instrumental in developing better communications tools that we use on a daily basis.

Currently, Spencer is facilitating our journey to strategically double the side of our revenue over the next several years while also supporting us in succession management, business and leadership development. We use his expertise in our executive level hiring and appreciate the insights he has with the individuals he vets. We will continue to utilize Spencer’s abilities as we move forward in our journey.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Spencer and vouch for his expertise in helping company’s and individuals and moving those same people the next level.

If I can answer any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Tim Keating
President, R.C. Stevens Construction Company

Letter of Reference, R.C. Stevens

Letter of Reference, R.C. Stevens

Letter of Reference, R.C. Stevens

C4TK Letter of Reference

“I cannot say enough good about Spencer Horn. He is very energetic and has a ‘fill the room’ quality about him. I have known Spencer for numerous years and I have always been able to trust him to work with the highest integrity and ethical standards at all times. Spencer is a high-level professional and has been like gold when it comes to improving a company’s bottom line. I would highly recommend Spencer to anyone looking to further their business initiatives and would be open for further reference questions or needs via a call to my direct office #(801) 280-1004.”

 -Ian McCracken
                                 President & Owner of PRI

I have had the personal privilege to work and collaborate with Spencer for over seven years. I brought him to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) to serve women and businesses, which he executed passionately and effectively.

Spencer has the necessary leadership and mentoring skills to support success in personal and professional growth. He was such an asset to everything he touched, I then brought him to my company, TPC in 2010. He now has share clients of TPC HR Payroll Consultants and community outreach to help support them in achieving their goals personally and professionally.

His authentic leadership, drive, motivation, energy and passion is what makes him such an asset to the B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O. Foundation, which he became a part of the advisory board of directors from the inception in 2015. I recruited him because the S.H.E.R.O. Executive founding board needed an effective/trusted advisor. Our top industry leaders and board consist of an executive level banker, national board of psychiatry/psychiatrist and business owner, nationally recognized business/HR developer/President, real estate developer, top notch CPA nationally recognized accountant is a strong team. Spencer is helping improve how the board works together.

He helps high level executive level egos and business professionals get out of their way and out of their comfort zone so we can learn something that will help us in our personal and professional lives! We than pay it forward to those we engage and serve through community outreach and beyond.

Kimberly Miles
President, TPC HR/Payroll Consultants

Any business that is touched by his motivation, energy and passion is already on the road to success, powerful leadership and personal growth while developing a system for professional growth

“I run a small office with a few staff members. Generally speaking, our office ran smoothly, but there were times that tensions were high. I invited Spencer to come to my office to coach us on eliminating these problems. Spencer addressed these items in an open forum and provided helpful tips to me any my staff. Thanks Spencer.”

-Scott Gardner
President at Sterling Wealth Management

“Spencer Horn, just delivered his presentation on “The X-Factor to Becoming a Successful Leader: Improve Your Emotional Intelligence, Increase Your Bottom Line!” to my Vistage Group.  Spencer explains through his presentation that Emotional Intelligence is the X Factor for success and that emotionally intelligent leaders are more effective at achieving results.  He communicates the message in a dynamic and enthusiastic fashion capturing everyone’s attention and connecting with the audience.  He is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend you consider him when booking speakers in 2016.”

-Virginia Knudsen
CEO Chair at Vistage International

“Spencer is a highly motivated, result driven individual that has a passion for improving the lives of those around him. His excitement for life is contagious. He is a family man first, and a friend to all. He is a man of integrity, honesty, high values, and keeps his priorities straight. It is an honor and pleasure to have him as a friend.”

-Zann Horlacher
President & Co-Founder at Veo Natural

“I have worked with Spencer many capacities and have without exception found that he is one of the most talented, positive, knowledgable professional motivators that I have met in my lifetime. He can make a difficult experience productive, bring large groups of different personalities together and perform oustanding tasks with development of leadership characteristics. His timing is superb and can always be counted on even when his time is in high demand with his busy schedule. These characteristics apply to all aspects of his daily efforts.”

-Scott W. Taylor
Shareholder/Owner at Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern, CPA’s

“Spencer Horn was beyond phenomenal! He gave us an enlightening and enthusiastic seminar on “The X Factor to Becoming a Successful Leader.” He spoke in a way that silenced the room because we were all locked and loaded on every word. Spencer spoke from the heart and didn’t tell us about Emotional Intelligence – he showed us. Effective Leadership is mostly about Emotional Intelligence. Both IQ and Technical Skills just count for 9% of an effective leader. EI is the rest.

Spencer customized the seminar for the hospitality industry since he was speaking to NHLA (Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association). He knew our industry and helped us with current challenges we face every day. The biggest take-away for me was the reminder that when something happens, we have a choice how we respond. 10 percent is what happens and 90 percent is how we respond. Thank you Spencer for time well spent.”

-Ronna Tampa 
Workplace ESL Solutions Founder and Chief Motivator

“Spencer, Thank you for an awesome presentation. I believe the classes really impacted me in a way where it helps me to refine my communication skills, which will make me better in my work, relationships, and overall as a person. Taking responsibility for my own successes and failures, again, will improve me as a whole person. I have a couple mentors in my life that I look up to and learn from; with understanding how to handle the cause and effect in different situations, I’m able to pass on my experiences to someone else as a mentor myself. The presentations you provided gives me a track to run on and goals to work towards. I couldn’t be more appreciative of your time.”

-Mimi Ward
New York Life Insurance, Co.

“Spencer is one of a kind. His commitment to balance, family, community, and career are amazing. Spencer is focused on developing leaders and sharing solutions with organizations that are truly looking to breakthrough to their next level. Spencer’s background, education, and experience are powerful and he has so much passion and wisdom to share with each person he meets.

With Respect, Love, and Gratitude,”

-Jason Lindstrom
Las Vegas Mega Agent/Partner Keller Williams Realty Southwest

“Spencer has been a phenomenal business partner and advocate for lifelong development. He has been a key source of support and advocacy for learning and development and very amiable to work with! I find Spencer to be trustworthy and of great character and feel he always has the best interest of our business in mind.”

-Jeannine Lanoux
Lifelong Learner

“Spencer was an absolute pleasure to work with. His expertise, professionalism and commitment to us as a client needing execution ideas, training and guidance was exemplary. The personal one on one time Spencer committed to myself and the deployment team was instrumental in helping us achieve targeted results. His effort in going the extra mile to provide critical and relevant business metrics for the program was key in our decision making process.
I would highly recommend Spencer and his work to any prospective clients or employers.”

-Eric Lederfine
Starbucks District Manager

“I would like to share a brief letter of gratitude to Mr. Spencer Horn for the inspirational keynote speech that he presented to our management team a few weeks ago. The setting was absolutely perfect! We overlooked the ocean at the Fairmont in Mayakoba, Mexico, while enjoying the ocean air in an open room setting. I challenged Spencer to speak on teambuilding with an emphasis on personal responsibility. I was certain that Spencer would be a dynamic speaker, and certainly took the challenge head-on!

Spencer did a great job of giving our group insight on the challenge of “taking ownership”. Everyone in the room recognized how often we blame situations or other people instead of taking personal responsibility when times get tough.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for Spencer taking the time to spend with our leadership team. He did a phenomenal job in representing his organization, as well as confirmed my expectation that he is a dynamic speaker with tremendous leadership concepts to share!”

-Sherman Miller
COO, Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

“What everyone else has already commented here is no exaggeration. Sarah and I can count on less than one hand a few people whose examples, mentoring and coaching in business have provided a valuable, lasting positive influence and prepared us to enjoy the success that we currently experience. One specific asset that he brings that we observed perhaps over all others is an absolute “success mindset”. His ability to give focus, energy and attention to his vision of the achievement of a goal to the exclusion of the possibility of any other result delivers the results he expects. That modeling has been tremendously important to us.”

-Brian Gwyn
Sales Professional & Entrepreneur

“Spencer explains through his presentation that Emotional Intelligence is the X Factor for success. And that emotionally intelligent leaders are effective and promote business results. The best part of his presentation?… Emotional intelligence can be learned!! He communicates the message exceptionally well, in a dynamic and enthusiastic fashion. He captures everyone’s attention and connects with the audience from beginning to end. Spencer is undoubtedly an excellent speaker!”

-Josiane Ballin
PMP, PMI Alaska Chapter President-elect

“Thank you for speaking this evening at the CREW Panevino event.  It was truly a wonderful experience and you have given me a lot to think about.  Looking forward to implementing a lot of this in both my business relationships and my personal life.  Thank you again.”

-Cat Alsaid
Assistant Property Manager, MDL Group

“Spencer is patient, aware of what is needed and how to proceed to accomplish stated goal.”

-Vicki Wille
Founder/President at Successenomics

I have been a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners Southern Nevada Chapter since 2007 and I have yet to listen to a speaker that brought the enthusiasm and excitement that Spencer Horn generated at our August luncheon.

He brought his leadership spirit to our luncheon and our members and guests were on board! Spencer Horn takes the boring out of speaking! Engage your guests at your next event and invite him to speak!

-Valerie Parker
President Elect, NAWBO Southern Nevada