Spencer Horn was introduced to us at Madrivo through a Vistage group meeting early in the year 2015. We had been looking for someone to help us make Madrivo a top employer with a powerful culture in order to achieve our desired growth results and to improve on our abilities to retain and attract employees and Spencer came highly recommended.

We started working with Spencer on a trial basis to improve communication and we received a tremendous response from our team. They were able to improve their understand of each others behavior and communication. At Madrivo we have two sides to our sales team and we knew better communication would result in not only a more financially productive environment, but also a healthier way to behave towards others in our lives. After a couple training sessions with the executive team and then also with the entire staff we saw immediate results. Since then we have fully engaged him to help with our cultural initiatives and a few other ideas like:

  • Strategic planning
  • Executive retreats
  • Executive coaching
  • Sales training
  • Communication tools
  • Hiring support
  • Full Staff Evaluations
  • Advisor to the Madrivo Board

I would highly recommend any company to work with Spencer. He has become a member of our team and helped us all to grow our emotional intelligence!

Kyle Terry

President, Co-Founder
Madrivo Media LLC.