Improve Your Effectiveness And Reputation As A Leader

Think of challenges you currently face. Maybe the challenges are recurring. The way you respond to things that happen determines your outcomes. When you are under pressure your ability to think clearly is impaired. There are ways to manage this. Under these conditions, you may not be getting the results you intend. In these situations, different leaders may react differently causing different challenges. The following are some examples of challenging behaviors under pressure:

  1. Some leaders may intimidate others because of their intensity.

    Their demanding nature can divide people and teams. Inflexible and controlling behavior can lead to unrealistic expectations. These leaders can be overly sensitive to being disrespected or embarrassed. They constantly think about what they want to say next, instead of truly listening.

  2. Some leaders may find difficulty focusing under pressure.

    They may have a compulsive need to be heard and popular, basing decisions on personal benefit, rather than what is expedient. This is fueled by a fear of embarrassment or rejection, which is exaggerated under pressure.

  3. Other leaders may avoid conflict.

    They sometimes procrastinate managing and/or terminating difficult relationships or making difficult decisions. Their indecision causes pain for the whole team.

  4. Another leader may get paralyzed by perfectionism, or be overly critical.

    They may fear being caught without the answer, focusing on what can go wrong.

These are just a few examples of your behavioral blind spots.

If your behavior as a leader has had an impact you did not intend, there is hope. Learning how to be a more effective leader in moments of tension is all about increasing emotional intelligence. We can help you create an environment, and culture, where your team, your employees and your direct reports will thrive and be more productive.

Let us help you improve your emotional intelligence and your leadership under pressure.

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