Our purpose is to elevate leaders and help them elevate their teams.  We exist to help organizations achieve desired results by transforming people and processes.

We help companies achieve their goals and vision by developing people starting at the top; by improving processes and helping our clients deliver a great service or product.

We help employees love what they do and make a difference. We improve trust, communication, and facilitate healthy conflict.

We help management become proactive versus reactive, by improving hiring practices to attract and keep the best people, and help keep people engaged in a meaningful way.  We give management relief, confidence, and enthusiasm for the future.

Why do I teach? I am a teacher at heart. It brings me great fulfillment to help people learn things that will make their lives and businesses better. I love to see when someone makes a shift in behavior after having a clarifying experience.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions. My mother was a teacher. Her students loved her. They came and visited her at home when she was sick. When she missed work, they were happy when she returned. She had an impact. She made learning exciting and fun. Her students wanted to learn. Maybe that is why I love to learn. I love to help elevate my clients skills and to see their satisfaction and happiness with their results. More importantly, I like to see them develop and elevate their teams.

It is extremely fulfilling to hear someone tell me that something I said had a big impact on them and they chose to change because of that. I have clients tell me that employees enjoy my workshops and they are excited to learn and they are engaged in my workshops. I believe in creating an environment where learners are inspired to apply what they learn to transform their performance. This is my why.

The author Spencer Horn is the President of Spencer Horn Solutions, LLC. Additional articles which may interest you: Leadership Is About Impact Not Intention; How To Prepare Your Next Generation Of Leaders; Increase Your Effectiveness As A Leaders With Perception Science; How To Create Success From Failure; How To Get Your People To Change Today; Cure For The CEO Disease

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